How to Beat the High Co$t of Living

I know what you said
on the phone, Elaine...

but it won't work.
We make it work.
What choice do we have?

We have a choice.
We can all go back home
now and go to sleep.

I don't know if
it can be done in seven days.

This thing has to be
carefully thought out.

What have we got to lose?
The worst that can happen
is we'll go to jail.

Yes, Jane.
For a very long time.

Here it is... bottom line.
In seven days,
we've got to figure out...

how to get to the Money Ball,
how to get into it...

how to get
the money out of it...

and how to get away
without being caught.

Come on, Louise, think.
There's got to be some way
to get to that money.

Only one way...
from underneath.

We'd have to dig a tunnel
from the river to under here.

Once we got here, we'd have
to figure out a way...

to cut a hole through the floor
and get the money out of it.

God, it's going to be tough.
Let's take a walk, OK?
Why are you being
so negative, Louise?

I'm not being negative.
I'm being realistic.

One... how do we do it?
We've got to plan this out,
step by step.

Two... if there is a way,
can we do it?

Are we gutty enough to do it?
If men are gutty enough
to do it...

Men are gutty enough
in the movies, Elaine.