Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

What's in it?
3 parts fruit, 7 parts liquor.
Whatever's available on both counts.
Great party. Great house.
The fella that owns it is in Europe
for a year. Asked me to look in on it.

Water the plants.
That's a vicious word.
You're not a lawyer, are you?
Good. They're the scum of the earth.
And I should know...

...being an ex-barrister myself.
Ceremoniously disbarred
not two years ago.

Had a little accounting snafu.
What do you do now?
Me and Mandy,
we're going to open a piano bar.

You already have one.
Looks that way, doesn't it?
Wait a minute. Hold the music.
Look at this.
Jerry Spence.
You have outdone yourself again.
That is a coif definitely befitting
your stature as the future ex...

...Mrs. Joe Odom.
Keep dreaming, darling.
You're in love.
She is one beautiful woman.
You two engaged?
Not yet.
It's getting late. I'm going to
hit the road. Nice meeting you.

No, wait a minute.
Joe's rule #2:
If you have to leave a party,
you always take a traveler.

I can live with that one.
Nice to meet you.

Hey, there.
Better to be on the edge of a party,
don't you think?

Thanks for inviting me.
Every time.