Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie - Endless Waltz

That's ludicrous!
You mean use the Gundam
as a tool of carnage?!

This is a war!
Sacrificing the general
public is of no relevance.

Got it?
Now retrain him at once!
Our weapon has no use
for human kindness!

You're right.
But do you really believe...
... Heero Yuy would be pleased
if we obliterated mankind?

Heero! Hey, Heero!
Wake up!
What is it?
The little girl is about
to issue a statement.

We, at Colony L-3X 18999
hereby wish to announce...

... our independence from the
Earth Sphere Unified Nation...

... and declare war!
I am a legitimate heir
of the World Nation Sovereign.

My name is Mariemaia

... daughter of Treize Khushrenada.
Treize's daughter?!
I'm carrying out my
father's will.

It's in human nature to fight!
How could this happen?!
Why couldn't you have
prevented this?!

I reported this matter
the other day.

I know that!
But your department
receives sufficient funds...

... to prevent these situations!
I understand that.
We're doing everything to
stop this from progressing.

But it seems they'd
prepared for this...

...even before our department
was ever formed.

I can stand here and
make ex cuses all day.

But the question remains...
...whether or not we can stop
their aggression without help.

Who're you?
Excuse me.
I've come to ask for
a code name.

I'd like the name Wind...
...appropriate for one who
puts out fires.