Who Is Cletis Tout?

Look at this-
got a faux bottom.

You can hide things
in it and everything.

God, the magician in me
just loves this stuff.

You're not Cletis Tout.
I've got a strong feeling
that before the day is out

someone's going
to make use of that

rather expressive, though
somewhat old-fashioned, term:

foul play.
"Rebecca," United Artists, 1940.
If you're not Tout, who are you?
I'm Finch.
Cletis Tout was a bottom-feeder.
Called himself
a video journalist

but he was really just a thug
with a camera.
Worked alone.
His client list included
all those tabloid shows.

His mark was anybody who made
their living in the public eye.

There was a bachelor party
for some mobster's son-

kid named Rowdy Virago.
His dad, "Paulie the fist," ran
a little group called
the vissari crime family.

Rowdy was high-profile.
He liked that movie star status
but every time he put his face
in front of a flashbulb

there was trouble.
Now Rowdy was tapped
to take over the family.

He was an untouchable.
You can only imagine what price
the tabloids would pay

for one shining moment in this
little Alice's wonderland...

but Tout could imagine it.
He made it his mission
to bring Virago down.

They picked up a hooker
about 11:30...

took her to a loft downtown.
Tout was there.
Tout thinks
he's hit the jackpot.

Virago's got
a bit of a problem:

he likes it rough.
Tonight he's got
a bigger problem:

she likes it rough, too.
That's when things went wrong.