Who Is Cletis Tout?

I got a little greedy
with the wrong bunch.

Instead of coming
to you guys first

I went to the source.
Now what exactly is it
you do for a living,
Mr. Tout?

I'm a photojournalist.
I take pictures.
Compromising pictures.
Huh, sounds more
like extortion to me.

Hey, guys, I'm going
to get a coffee.

Anybody need any?
- No.
- I'm fine.

Meet you outside.
Oh, get down!
Go, go, go!
All right, here's
where we're at.

I just talked
to the da.

We're going to put you
up in a safe house.

That place off crown.
Rosedale Mansion?
No, no, no safe house.
It's too dangerous.
They can get to me there.
You got a better suggestion?
I want to go to jail.
I don't get it. Who goes
to jail unless they have to?

This guy's on the make.
I can smell it. It's too smart.
What jail did he say
he wanted to go to?