Wizard of Oz

Aunt Em! Aunt Em!
Aunt Em, just listen
to what Miss Gulch did to Toto!

-Dorothy, please! We´re trying to count!
-But she hit him--

Don´t bother us now, honey.
This old incubator´s gone bad...

...and we´re likely to lose
a lot of our chicks.

The poor little things.
Miss Gulch hit Toto on the back
with a rake just because she says...

...he gets in her garden and chases
her nasty old cat every day!

Dorothy, please!
But he doesn´t do it every day,
just once or twice a week.

He can´t catch her old cat, anyway!
And now she says she´s going to--

Dorothy! We´re busy!
All right.
How´s she coming?
Take it easy.
You got my finger!
Why don´t you get your finger
out of the way?

There you are.
-Right on my finger!
-lt´s a lucky thing it wasn´t your head.

Zeke, what am l going to do
about Miss Gulch?

-Just because Toto chases her old cat--
-Listen, honey, l got them hogs to get in.

Dorothy, you ain´t using your head
about Miss Gulch.

-You´d think you didn´t have any brains.
-l have so got brains!

Why don´t you use them?
When you come home
don´t go by her place...

...then Toto won´t get in her garden
and you won´t get in no trouble.

Hunk, you just won´t listen, that´s all.
Well, your head ain´t made of straw,
you know.

Get in there before l make
a dimebank out of you!

Listen, kid....
Are you going to let that old Gulch heifer
try and buffalo you?