Well, I'll give you a break, big boy.
Go ahead, shoot that 40.
Go ahead and shoot the 40.
You... He can't win no more.

Come on, now, money can't
grow down there in the hand.

Put it down. Atta boy!
Don't fail me this time, dice.
- Roll right out on a natural.
- Here it is again.

Sure is.
Now you knows I can't keep this up
all night long, brother.

You sure can't.
Bound to crap out some of these times.
Shoot that $80.
Let the $80 ride. Come on.
If you win, you'll have a $160.

And we'll be sitting pretty.
She's telling you right, boy.
- Come on, put your money out there.
- Let's go. Can't wait all night.

Well, this is the time we hit him.
Honey, stick close to me now,
sure enough.

Yeah, and this is the time
that old boy craps.

Let it be snake eyes.
Let me be right, dice, let me be right.
Keep the big boy broke.
This is my last chance.
Natural, dice, natural.

Right in the dough.
In the dough is right.
That is a six and an ace.
This is the best gravy train ever rolled
up my alley.

That didn't take long.
Pretty good day.
He's took all my money.
I didn't know. I thought you'd win.
Oh, I'll help you to get some more money.
Oh, don't act like this.
Oh, my goodness.
Let me see them dice.
You ain't suspecting me, is you, big boy.
There ain't nothing wrong with them dice.
Go on, let him see the dice, Hot Shot.
Well, I ain't saying nothing,
but let me see them dice.

Come on, why don't you let him see them?
That ain't nothing.