The Broadway Melody

There's Eddie. Hello, hey!
Your rhythm is all wrong.
Nothing like I showed you.

All right, now watch.
- Hello, Eddie.
- Hello, how are you?

We had a tough time getting in!
When do we show the act?

In a few minutes.
I haven't had a chance
to talk to Zanfield yet.

- It's okay, ain't it?
- We're in?

Sure, it's in the bank.
- Whatever I say goes.
- Hey, Kearns!

Yes, sir?
We don't wanna take all afternoon
to set one dance.

Yes, sir.
Maybe we'd better get undressed.
Come on.

All right, Sam, let it go.
- Oh, George.
- Wait a minute, hold it there. Hold it, Sam.

The sets are all ready
for your okay, Mr. Zanfield.

That's just an idea
of what it's gonna be.

I can see that. It's just an idea.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
But don't worry, I'll fix it.
- Okay on those sets.
- Yes, sir.

Remind me to see that rehearsal
in the morning. Make a note of that.

I'm having lunch at the Knickerbocker.
Oh, Mr. Zanfield, this material, I couldn't
get it in the gold design, only in the silver.

- Isn't it lovely?
- It's fine. Get it in the gold.

- Remember, I want that in the gold.
- Yes, sir.

Oh, Mr. Zanfield, pardon me, will you take
a look at the Mahoney Sisters right now?

- The Maloney Sisters?
- No, the Mahoney Sisters.

- Who are they? I never heard of them.
- It's the sister act I told you about.

- Where are they?
- Right over there, across stage.

All right, wheel them in.
- Tell George I'll take a look at the act.
- Thanks, Mr. Zanfield.