The Broadway Melody

- Come on. Slip us the 50.
- Wait a minute. I haven't lost yet.

Oh, yeah...?
Come here, Unconscious, come here.

You can't go up there, you'll get kicked out.
It's a ladies' dressing room.

- Let's go on the boat.
- On the boat. Get out of here.

Don't worry, Hank.
They only cut one number.

We got a couple of others.
"Zanny saw them once,
and they were in."

Zanny saw me once, and I was out.
Not altogether. And what of it?
Yeah, I know.
Do you think that's all I'll get to do,
go on without any clothes on?

Not if I can help it.
But you don't need to worry.

You got a lot more on
when you ain't got anything...

...than most of the dames
I've seen around here.

Well, I guess I'll go get
undressed again.

Come in.
- Hello, kids. Are you all ready?
- Yep. All ready.

Well, listen. Zanny is giving
a big party at his apartment tonight.

- Let's go over.
- Gee, that's great. Did he invite us?

Not exactly, but what's the difference?
Ain't I the star of this troupe?

That guy threw me out
of your song tonight.

I ain't gonna give him a chance
to throw me out of a window.

Let's get a bowl of chop suey,
and we'll rewrite the show.

If it'll write me back in the show,
I'd go for a bowl of anything.

Well, you can get most anything
out of a bowl of chop suey.

Oh, cutie!
Come on, Queenie.
You two run along.
I've got some things to do,
and I'll join you later.

Why, what's the matter?
Well, I've...
I've got an awful headache.

I'm sorry, honey.
We'll go straight home if you'd rather.

Oh, no, Hank. You two run along.
You'll have a lot of fun, anyway.