Feet First

Tanner Shoes.
We must live up to our slogan.

"The World Walks
on Tanner Shoes."

Now, you're my manager
down here...

and you've got
to put this store over.

And furthermore,
don't talk back to me.

But I didn't say anything.
I was only thinking...

Don't even think back to me!
I won't have it!

You're here to sell shoes,
not to think.

And if I don't see
some results...

when I get back here
on my next trip, you're fired.

Now, do you understand me?
You're fired!

Give me a match.
Never mind,
I'll light it myself.

Thank you, come again soon.
There you are.
Sets your foot off beautifully.
Now, that's the, uh, 4A...
or what we call
"the perfect model."

What is it?
Oh, why, Madam!
The leather, uh... uh...
The leather
in the Tanner Shoe...

is made from the hides
of contented cows.

Now, I think
they're very becoming.

What do you think?
I think you'd better cut out
this tomfoolery.

Go up front
and help trim that window.

Yes, sir.
l... I was just practicing
to be a salesman, Mr. Endicott.

You'll never make a salesman.
is 98% personality...

and that's something
you haven't got.

Oh, yes I have. Look.
Ah! That's not personality,
that's stupidity.

Get up front and help Williams
trim that window.

Yes, sir.