Feet First

It looks very nice.
Yes, it looks smart, too.
You know, it's a 4A...
for what we call
"the perfect foot."

Notice how snug it fits?
And I have a new sport model
I'd like to show you.

I'd like very much to see it.
Will you pardon me a minute?
I'd like you
to show me something...

in a white Deauville, please.
- Yes, will you be seated?
- Thank you.

I'll have a man wait on you
right away.

Where's the other leg?
I'm gonna get it.
I'll be right back.

- Pardon me.
- Why, of course.

Now, what in the world
is the matter, Madam?

I never was so insulted
in my life!

I think that left foot's
a little tight.

- Haven't you a larger size?
- Uh, no, I haven't.

But I can have it stretched
for you...

and make it very comfortable.
All right, and while
that's being done...

will you show me
that sport shoe there?

Surely. Boy!
Stretch this shoe.
Does that feel all right?
- Yes.
- Hey.

Just let me lace it up for you.
Well, I think
it's a little tight.

A little tight?
Just let me take it off
and stretch it for you.

There, how's that?