Feet First

were half as efficient
as you are...

I'd be happy as a schoolboy.
There's no such thing
as a perfect man.

Oh, Mr. Tanner,
I think you're mistaken.

There is.
- There is what?
- A perfect man.

Have you been
holding out on me, young lady?

I met him this afternoon.
She is beautiful.
You know, Mr. Carson...
l... I've always dreamed
of meeting the one girl.

Today l... I went around
the corner, and there she was.

You've got it bad,
haven't you, my son?

Say, are you gonna talk
about that girl all night...

or are you going
to thread my needle for me?

Huh? Oh, I almost forgot.
I'll get it right away,
Mr. Carson.

When are you gonna
see her again?

Never, I guess.
She's rich, got a big car.
Besides, what chance have I
with eighteen a week?

You'll soon be making
more money than that.

You're going to be a salesman
in a very little while.

A salesman.
A lot of good that'll do.

You know, Mr. Carson...
up till today, I thought being
a salesman was something great.

Gee, a girl that comes
from a family like that, why...

she wouldn't give a salesman
a second look.

Oh, but you are not
always going to be a salesman.

Keep driving on,
and then perhaps...

you will come to be
manager of the store.

Who knows?
In a very little while...

you may be
president of the company.

Oh, but that's liable
to take two or three months.

There's got to be
a shortcut somewhere.

Now, then, if I could only
meet her on her own level.

And I'm going to do it, too.
Stick to it, my son.
That's it... sticking.
That's the only way.