Feet First

to conquer our enemies!
And then, where would
Napoleon have been...

without leather
to make a saddle?

He'd have been riding bareback!
And then think!
Think of shoes!
Without them,
we would be uncivilized.

Barefoot like tea garoni.
Could we walk through
snow and slush barefoot?

Could we walk
through the desert barefoot?

No! A thousand times no!
That's the way
you should've talked...

at the American Club
two months ago.

That was splendid.
Yes, l... I know, Mr. Carson,
it's... it's all right.

I can do it here in the room...
but, I don't know, when I get
out with important people...

gee, l... l... I get
all goose pimples.

Gee, I open my mouth,
and nothing comes out.

Oh, well, I guess
you didn't want the girl...

as much as you thought you did.
Oh, yes, but I do!
Now you listen to me!
You go to the Embassy Club
tonight and speak right up!

When you meet
those big businessmen...

use your correspondence courses!
Impress them!
You look the part. Act it!
Sell yourself!
I'll do it! I will!
Now, nothing's gonna stop me
this time!

I hope that's a mistake.
That's a very unfriendly knock.