Feet First

- Good evening, Mr. Fleming.
- Good evening.

Good evening, sir.
Are you a member?

Oh, uh, son,
have you seen Charlie?

- Charlie?
- Yes.

- Who is Charlie?
- What? You don't know Charlie?

- No, sir.
- Well, he walks like this.

I beg your pardon.
What's the name?

Uh, Jones.
Which Mr. Jones?
Why, the Mr. Jones.
Uh, have you a telegram
for Mr. Jones?

Yes, sir.
Charge is 75 cents.
Wrong Jones.
Uh, keep this handy.
I may be leaving suddenly.

Oh, I beg your pardon.
Your Honor,
I have been drinking.

But only a little one, l...
Oh, pardon me.
- You forgot something.
- Something?

Oh... you saved my life.
I'm going to do something
for you.

Anything you want,
you just tell me.

That's all right.
Oh, whoa, so you wanna rassle?
Oh, no, no, no! Please, now.
This is hardly the place
for that.

Well, listen, I know a nice
little place out here, come on.

A great little...
I really, I've got
someplace else I've got...

Oh, come on, now,
and I'll buy you a little drink.

No, really, I never drink.
Well, what do you do,
dip your bread in it?

Come on.
What business are you in?