Feet First

Things look pretty tough.
Hmm. They don't to me.
Well, perhaps you don't know
what I know.

What do you know?
Oh, by the way,
you know, I just remembered.

I must send a wireless.
I'll be right back.

Oh now, here, don't bother!
Why, that boy over there'll
take it for you.

Oh, uh... oh, yeah.
Oh, uh, Sergeant!
Come here!
Barbara says I am right.

That is the woman we met
at the Royal Hawaiian.

Just a moment.
Come back and repeat what's
written on that card right away.

Uh, marvelous thing,
the wireless.

No wires to break
or get out of order.

We ought to have
a marvelous trip.

Yes, that's right.
Madam, your instep
is much too beautiful...

to be spoiled
by a short vamp shoe.

Huh? What?
Did you say something?
Oh, nothing at all, Mrs. Tanner.
Nothing at all.

You see, we always
send our messages in code.

We find it much safer.
That'll be all, Elmer.
Oh, say, speaking
of the leather business...

Oh, uh, by the way, you know...
I just remembered,
I've got to see the purser.

- I'll be right back.
- I'll go with you.

I want to see him, too.
Oh, well, that's just dandy.
His office is down this way.
Oh, well, when did he move?
Do you know,
his face bothers me.