Feet First

Walk around. They say it's great
for the appetite.

Well, sir, all food and no play
makes Jack a dull boy.

You see, there's nothing wrong
with my appetite.

No? Well, I'm from Missouri.
You've got to show me.
How about joining us
at dinner tonight?

Oh, do.
Oh, gee, well, surely.
You've got no idea
how delighted I'd be.

All right.
You know, Mr. Harold,
I'm still trying to place you.

And I'm going to do it
sooner or later.

She's funny that way.
- Forward march.
- Don't you hurry me.

First call to dinner.
- Uh, Steward?
- Yes, sir?

What's everybody
all dressed up about?

What's the matter?
Is there a wedding or something?

No, just the usual thing, sir.
Everyone dresses for dinner
aboard ship.

Oh. Well, is it the law?
No, sir, it's just a custom.
- Custom?
- Yes, sir.

But, of course, no one would
think of going to dinner...

unless properly dressed, sir.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.

Hello, Harry.
What's the matter?
Feel a little shaky?

Yes. I had to come up
and get some air.

I don't want to miss
that ship's concert today.

Say, have you got
an extra white vest?

Well, sure, there's a couple
in my trunk.

What size do you wear?
Now, that's a little too small.
I'll have to get one from Bill.
Thanks just the same.

Uh, good evening.
What's good about it?
What's the matter?
Feeling upset?

Yes, I'm not a good sailor.
I must've eaten something
that disagreed with me.

Oh, well, that's too bad.