Do it yourself,
he's going to be there too.

Who's going to be there?
- Am I speaking Chinese? Caesar!

So that's why he didn't bring
me up before the court martial.

He wants to take me somewhere
with bullets flying around my head.

That's all your own doing
with your constant brawls!

Right, Sergeant. But I' m not going to
let myself be used for target practice.

I' ve had enough
of this crappy Legion anyway.

I think I' ve finally
found the right woman.

I' m going to marry her and enjoy
a couple of nice weeks on the beach.

ls that so?
Then I wish you all the best!

By the way, I hope you haven't
forgotten the penalty for desertion?

There are 100 ways to die.
I'll find the way that suits me best!

Get a move on! Get out of here, go!
He's in the cloakroom!
You're in luck, girl!
He's so rich, he could buy all of
Morocco. Don't forget me!

Good evening!
Your flowers are magnificent!
Have you heard anything from him?
- I did what I could.

He won't be court martialed.
He's apparently being transferred.
That would mean of course

that he would have to leave the town.