I' d like to help you get out of here.
Would you?
What kind of an offer
are you actually making me?

A very conventionaI one.
My offer is an honorable one:
I ask for your hand!

You're a strange man!
Do you find it so strange
that I' m fond of you?

Do you want an answer straight away?
I would be able to sleep a lot
better if you did.

lt wouldn't be very upright of me
to accept your proposal.

Does that mean you're in love?
- No, I don't think so.

What would have been your reply, if
you hadn't met that soldier?

Possibly the same.
I don't know.

Excuse the disturbance, but we're
marching out tomorrow morning ,

and I just wanted
to take my leave of you.

I assume,
you would like to be left alone.

As far as I know, you've got
an arduous mission ahead of you.

May I wish you
the best of luck? - Thank you.

Until then, Mademoiselle - Until then.
Will you be away a long time?
When shall I see you again?
Maybe never. I have a strange feeling
that I may not return this time.