How can you laugh?
- Isaiah.
- Can't you understand?

I didn't go to fret nobody.
You all dress up fine
for a church's meeting...

so I pleased to dress myself up
Sunday style.

That's right, Isaiah.
We take it as a personal compliment.

- Why, you look finer than any of us.
- I just fixed my twily like you all.

Say, Isaiah, would you like to have
a real suit of Sunday clothes?

A Sunday suit for me to wear? For true?
I don't want you to go
to that church meeting.

Oh, now, now. You don't understand.
Now, listen close.

I want you to do
something important for me.

Now, the house is all alone, see.
I want you to go down there
and keep watch...

till we come home
from that church meeting.

Patrol duty. That's what.
Patrol duty? Yes, sir, Master Yancey.
Now you take this and if anyone tries
to break in, shoot.

- I'll kill them dead.
- Fine.

And then you get a new suit and boots,
besides. Now, scoot.

Yes, sir. I'm scooting.
Do you think... Yancey, let's not go.
Tell them you're sick or I'm sick.
Tell them anything...

We're late, honey.
Hi, Yance. Hiya, preacher man.
Now, Preacher, where's your Bible?
Right here, boys.
Now no loafing in the entrance.
Either come in or stay out.

Did you see that man, Yountis?
He looked at you so...

That's fine, honey.
I always like to have the members
of my flock right under my eye.