It's the greatest thing
that ever happened to the territory.

Why, folks'll flock in
from all over the country.

Hey, it'll be a bigger rush
than we had here in '89.

Bigger? I should say so.
Why they'll add
six million acres to our two.

Great chance for a man
to make a fortune out there.

Another four weeks, eh? September 16?
That's what the telegram says, boys.
A new run! The biggest thing yet!
Three times more land than in '89.
- What a chance.
- What a chance for a man!

Say, how about you, Yancey?
- You wouldn't miss this, would you?
- I can't boys. I got too much work to do.

- Come on, Yancey.
- Yeah, come on, Yancey.

I'll be getting you a horse, Yancey.
Hey, Yancey!
Pull in the books with the big figures.

We'll be looking for you.
I'm gonna sell out everything I got...

and head for that Cherokee land.
Well, I would, too,
but I don't think the foot will hold.

Headline for the Cherokee article, Jess...
- and lock her up.
- Well, my crackers!

This extra will be sold out
before 10 minutes.

You know, every...