- Did you continue on with this man?
- I never saw him again...

and after my baby died...
I left the city.
Did you make an effort
to secure employment...

so you could earn your own living?
Work of any kind?

Yes, I did.
Tell the court just what happened.
Well, I managed to get a position
as schoolteacher and then...

someone found out about me, and l...
And they blamed you instead of the man,
and you were forced to get out.

I object! That's leading the witness!
Objection sustained.
Strike out the question.

Did you try to secure other employment
in that town?

They wouldn't listen to me.
- I had to leave.
- What did you do?

Well, I got work in another town
as a nurse girl.

But the same thing again and again,
wherever I went, always the same.

In other words, refused
even the poorest kind of work...

to try and keep body and soul together.
- I object! Irrelevant and immaterial!
- You left out incompetent.

- Sir!
- Gentlemen, gentlemen!

That is all, Your Honor. Your witness.
No questions. Prosecution rests.
- Proceed.
- Thank you, Miss Lee.

Gentlemen of the jury,
you have heard only part of the truth.

My worthy opponent objects.
He is afraid of your knowing
all the pitiful facts of her life.

Gentlemen, an immortal soul
has been tortured on the rack...

and I ask you as men
with blood in your veins...

who have helpless women
in your own homes...

to think of one of your innocent,
dear ones...

wronged and oppressed,
like this poor defenseless woman.

Where could she turn in her cruel anguish?
Why, the very promises of God
are denied her.

Who was it that said:
"Come unto me, all ye that are weary
and heavy laden...

"and I will give you rest"?
She is indeed heavy laden...
with the persecution of her own sex...
why, gentlemen, a thief or murderer
may sin alone and is alone to blame.