Don't you like powerful men?
I am glad you escaped.
Your untimely death
might have disturbed my conscience.

Nonsense, it's all in the game.
Had I caught you in my country,
I'd have had you shot without hesitation.

But we're both alive yet,
and you can make my last few hours
in Vienna very pleasant.

Are you going to leave Vienna so soon?
I'm afraid I'll have to,
or give up my profession.

It's become too dangerous.
Perhaps I can persuade you to stay.
I really don't need persuasion.
You're not going to turn me over
because of a kiss?

Are you going to shoot me yourself?
Yes, if you leave me no other choice.
Your conscience, apparently,
is not going to be disturbed this time.

Stay where you are.
Shoot quickly,
or I'll take that plaything away from you.

Stay where you are.
I think I removed the cartridges.