Le Million

Oh, no? Then just tell him
if he doesn't pay his bill today

he'll have to answer to me.
I'm wise to people's tricks
when they're flat broke.

When you can't pay,
you don't go shopping. Thief!

Him, a thief?
Don't give me that!
You're the one who owes me.

How can you accept that?
Ignore him. He'll go away.
Forget your floozies and find a job.
Bum! Good-for-nothing!

If you don't like it, come on out.
I'll have your furniture impounded.

It's better not to answer
people like that back.

Why don't you just pay the man?
Because I'm hard up right now.
But not for long.
I'm expecting some money.

How annoying.
It's the third time we've been
interrupted since I arrived.

No way to see the fellow.
They're awful people,
these artists, these doodlers!

He owes me 2 months.
And 2 months' rent!
Let me get my hands on him.
I was just upstairs.
He wouldn't open the door.

Same here.
Don't worry. We'll have
his furniture impounded tomorrow.

I'll be here with this gentleman.
We'll impound.
Enough is enough.
This has gone on too long.

Going, Wanda dear?
Look at how you're dressed!
Relax, I'm the boss now.
Here, pal...
Why the get-up?
Because it's your turn.
Why should I play the servant alone?