Le Million

Do you remember
where I put the ticket?

No, I don't, old man.
What a dope! Beatrice has it.
Darn! She's out!
Stay here, old man.
Watch the door till she gets back.

My fortune's in this room.
I can't show you the ticket now.
It's in there, all right,
but it's locked. I have to wait.

Look, we'll come back later.
No. I insist on showing it to you.
You'll see it soon enough.
Some port, gentlemen!
Don't worrry.
I'll go fetch a bottle.
Bring a dozen, while you're at it.
A dozen? All right.
And some pastries.
And champagne.
And then...
I'll leave it up to you.
So long as it's quality stuff.

Have no fear. I'll be right back.
Gentlemen, please, take a seat.
Millionaire! Millionaire!
That beggar, that bohemian?