Le Million

Far from the world and its agony
Truth is what we find here
What sorrow clouds thy sense?
O heart, what is my offense?
O pity, see how I grieve
Yes, great is my adversity
There is no balm, no reprieve
Thou lovest me not,
I who love thee

Heed not thy jealous heart
Nothing shall keep us apart
We are alone in the forest
This blessed place is our shrine
Let your hand in my hand rest
And our fingers forever entwine
I lack the force to resist thy pleas
I feel so weak when thou art near
Let me gaze into thine eyes
Let thy love be all most dear
Let us forget sorrows past
Let us sad thoughts outcast
Let the Spring now sow its pedals
In the furrows of thy hair
Our pain shan 't our love unsettle
The breeze on this night so fair