Little Caesar

Pretty soon, you'll be running
the whole town.

Otero, you said a mouthful.
There's a guy by the name of Massara
out there. He wants to see you, sir.

- I'll see him in a minute.
- Yes, sir.

What's Joe want here? He hasn't been
near any of us for months.

I sent for him.
I heard somebody in Detroit got to
Flaherty and told him to start working...

...on a dancer at the Bronze Peacock if
he wanted to find out who shot McClure.

Gee, boss, you're wise to everything
before it happens.

Yeah, I don't miss much.
I'll find out if Flaherty's been working
on Joe after I have a little talk with him.

Gee, Rico, what a palace.
Oh, hello, Joe.
Yeah, it'll do.
But what do you expect?
Ain't I got 20 grand tied up in it?

- Hello, Otero. How are you, baby?
- First-rate.

Sit down, Joe.
Sure I'm good enough to sit
in such a swell chair?

Come on, now. Cut the comedy.
Sit down.

Screw, Otero.
- I want to talk with Joe private.
- Sure.

See you later, Joe.
- Cigar, Joe?
- No, thanks.

Well, will you have a cocktail
or a dash of brandy?

Well, it surprise
you to hear from me?

Kind of.
I thought it would be kind of nice
to have a little talk together...

:56:43 old times.
Certainly is nice to see you, Rico.
Especially like this.
- You're looking good.
- You're looking good too, Joe.

Living easy, kind of, huh?
- Not that easy. Dancing's no cinch.
- Yeah, but you ain't complaining.

- No. No, I ain't complaining.
- That's good.