Mata Hari

randy is bad for your heart.
l thought you'd givven it up.
l givve up a lot of things,
but l take them back.

To me, anything l like is irresistible.
l'vve always been that way.
Unfortunately, it's in my blood.

What people you Russians are.
What charming savvages.
Come in.
-The Marquis de Signac.
-Wait. We're going to the Pavvilion.


l like gambling.
They laugh, it's gay there.
Gay? With Signac?
-ls that necessary?
-Why not?

He's vvery attractivve, young.
Of course, he's not a general
of the Russian imperial army...

:10:56 important as you.
-A diplomat--
-Or a traitor.

l said it, traitor.
-Now, quiet, Serge.
-The time has come when l can't be quiet.

There's something growing here that's
going to make me shout out...

...the whole truth one day.
You want to die so badly?
l'm dead now.
Just as surely as though there were
a bullet in my heart.

You killed me.
No. The brandy.
No, no, no. You.
Then why don't you givve me up?
-l will.
-Well, do.

Come in.
-So you're going to the Pavvilion?

-Much gambling.
-Caron, are you coming with us?

Sorry, my dear,
but l havve to be in court at 9.

-Most important case.
-Too bad, too bad.

-Madame, l must be leavving.

l'm due at the embassy now.
Good night.
Good night, general.