Mata Hari

Mother in heavven, l'm done for.
l'm finished.
What did he say?
He said that you were a spy
and that l was your--

-What else?
-Nothing else.

l'm sure he suspects.
Well, he wouldn't come here
if he suspected you.

lt's me he's after. You're quite safe.
ut he must know something. Why should
he come here at 1 1 :00 at night?

The chief of the spy bureau.
lt's a trap, of course.

Don't be ridiculous.
Oh, what a fool l'vve been.
Nothing mattered.
Honor, self-respect, evverything gone.
ecause of you.
You can't givve away like this.
-Dubois knows nothing.
-He knows nothing.

Here l am facing dishonor,
perhaps death...

...and it means nothing to you.
You havven't evven a word of pity for me.
You're all unstrung, Serge.
Nothing's happened.
Look at it calmly.
Laugh at it.
We'll laugh at it together.
When you hold me like this,
nothing seems to matter.

Nothing in the world.
This must nevver leavve your hands...
...till you havve delivvered it personally
to the prime minister. That is vvital.

Should you be forced down
in enemy territory...

...pull this cord, and the contents
will be completely destroyed.

l understand.
The officials at Le ourget Field
will telephone you at your rooms...