Blonde Venus

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Did you say you were sailing
in three weeks?

I've cancelled my reservations.
- Three, four, five, six...
- Get out!

- Sit down!
- I wasn't...

They seem disturbed about something.
- Do you suppose we're not welcome?
- Are there six or are there seven?

I'm sorry, Miss,
but I don't understand a word.

- Will you please go away?
- You speak English.

Really quite a surprise.
Have you just come from America?

- Rather a long swim, isn't it?
- Will you go away?

What a charming country this is.
I've half a mind to settle here for good.

Would you mind telling me how long
this is going to keep up?

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Now that you call my attention to it,
I guess I am.

Please. We have to be back in the theatre
by 6:00.

Otherwise, we'll all lose our positions.
We wouldn't dream of
being the cause of that.

But if we go...
will you and your friends meet us
for something to eat after the show tonight?

We'll do nothing of the kind.
All right then, my little water nymph,
we'll stay.

I think you are the most
impossible person I've ever met!