Blonde Venus

Let's end this thing right, Helen.
Can we end it right?
Let's go away for a couple of weeks
together, just you and I.

I don't understand. Haven't you seen her?
Doesn't she come here at all?

Sure I have.
She generally comes around here...

two or three times a week for her letters.
But this time, I haven't seen her for 10 days.
Two weeks, Mr. Faraday.
- Ten days.
- Two weeks.

If you don't shut up,
I'll give you a bust in the mouth.

Two weeks, Mr. Faraday.
Go on, sweep the cellar.

- We have to go back today, don't we?
- Yes.

There's a boat leaving for Europe
tomorrow morning.

I can't stay in the same city with you
without seeing you.

- How long will you be gone?
- I don't know.

A year, a couple of years.
Till I forget you.
I wish I were someone else.
Then I could stay here with you forever.