Hello, Rollo.
Well, hear that crowd out there again tonight?
I bet you thought the tent was on fire, huh?

Well, it wasn't.
Just the Rollo Brothers panicking 'em again.

But then we do it in every town.
We're so used to it,
it's getting monotonous.

Hey, come on and take a look
at our act tomorrow night.

Careful! Careful!
Don't waste any of it.

Look how it sparkles.
Like your eyes,
dancing, gay, with bubbles.

Oh, it's delicious.
Mmmm. Nice, nice.

It comes by the finest vineyards of France.
Have you sent for it specially for me?
For the most beautiful
woman in all the world.

Hello there, baby.
Hey, where you been so long?

You're a funny guy, Phroso.
Sometimes you panic me.
Don't I know it.
I panic the world, because I use my noodle.

I think up funny gags.
I make the world laugh.
With me, clowning is an art.

Hey, why the hat?
The head cold?

Thought you and me
had a date to go out.

Oh! I forgot all about it.
Well, I'm into this now.
I gotta go through with it.

Well, make it snappy, will ya.
I'm all dolled up for the occasion.

Sorry, kid, can't do it now.
We'll make it some other time, huh?
Aw, don't feel that way about it.
I just got this idea all of a sudden
and I gotta finish it.

Funny gag, isn't it?