Murders in the Rue Morgue

I’m sure he’d make you
a very fine tenant.

I’ll pack his things
and send them down.

You don’t live
badly here, monsieur.

I had to hurry myself up here
without lunch.

And now you have to
hurry back for your lunch.

Boy, that’s too bad.
Good appetite to you
and your quiet guests.

Good day, monsieur.
If you’d pay half as much
attention to your studies

as you do to this nonsense,
what grades you’d get.

What did you find out?
After the carnival last night,
I performed an autopsy.

The victim didn’t die
of drowning.

There was no water
in her lungs.

Oh, so that’s what
you were up to.

I thought you were
with Camille.

Of what did the victim die?
Paul, here it is again.
The same foreign substance
in the blood of each victim.

Look, Paul.
All three died
from the same cause.

Some strange poison perhaps.
Something introduced
into the blood streams

that caused their death.
What could it be?
I don’t know.
That’s what
I have to find out.

Oh, Pierre, you must
pull yourself together.

Why, you’re
becoming fanatical.

Look at yourself
in the mirror.

Your eyes are getting glassy.
Just like that
old charlatan’s.

Dr. Mirakle, eh?
What did you make of him?
Oh, he’s a faker.
Did you pay attention
to what he said?

You mean about us being
the product of evolution?


Has it occurred to you
that he might be right?