Shanghai Express

I heard your gramophone, ladies,
and thought I'd come in and get acquainted,
if you don't mind.

Not at all. Come in.
A bit lonely on a train, isn't it?
I'm used to having people around.

They put my dog in the baggage car.
That's why I dropped in on you.

I've been visiting my niece in Peking.
She married a seafaring man.
He hasn't been home in four years
and she ain't been very cheerful.

I have a boarding house in Shanghai.
Yorkshire pudding is my specialty.
And I only take the most respectable people.

Don't you find respectable people terribly

You're joking, aren't you?
I only know the most respectable people.
You see, I keep a boardinghouse.

What kind of a house did you say?
A boardinghouse.
I'm sure you're very respectable, Madame.
I must confess I don't quite know
the standard of respectability
that you demand in you boardinghouse,

Mrs. Haggerty?
I've made a terrible mistake.
I'd better look after me dog.

- I beg your pardon?
- I beg yours.

It's a shame allowing such women on a first-class train.
What's the matter with them, Parson?
I imagine the honorable divine objects to their morals.
Why, I thought they were pretty good looking.
At least Shanghai Lily is.

Do you mean to say
that Shanghai Lily is on this train?