Shanghai Express

What did he say?
He said we should get our passports and go out on the platform.
Passports? What do they want our passports for?
There are government troops.
They want us all outside.

I won't get off. We'll all get killed.
The conductor promised me there wouldn't be any trouble,
or I wouldn't have brought Waffles along.

Now ma'am, don't get me excited.
I am trying to figure the odds
of any of us getting out of this alive.

It's an outrage. I'm going to finish my dinner.
Mr. Carmichael, if you ask me,
I think you should consider your dinner relatively unimportant.

I should complain to my Consul.
They can't do this to me.

I shouldn't get off.
The night air is very bad for me.

Don't be silly, Mr. Baum.
We're in the midst of a civil war.
Spy scares and firing squads.

I am a German citizen. I have nothing to fear.
Ich bin ein deutscher Bürger!

I'm gonna douse this headlight.
They're after somebody
and I'm glad they've got nothing on me.

Mais qu'est-ce qu'il y a encore?
Tu es assez occupé de moi.

I don't know what you are saying, brother,
but don't say it again.

There you are, my boy.