Shanghai Express

You look more like a white man to me.
I'm not proud of my white blood.
Oh, you're not, are you?
No, I'm not.
Rather be a China man, huh?
What future is there being a china man?
Your born, you eat your way through a handful of rice,
and ya' die. What a country.
Let's have a drink!

Do you want to be alone, Doctor?
No, it's quite alright.
I was just going to turn in anyway.

Don't let me detain you.
I thought it was quite early.

What time is it?
You still have the watch I gave you, Donald.
I was afraid you'd notice it.
I had long hair then.
I remember quite well.
Do you expect to stay in Shanghai a while?
I think so.
Then we ought to see a lot of each other.
What have you been doing, Donald,
since I saw you last?

Nothing much. Mostly service routine.
A couple of years in India, after our smash-up.

I went back to England for a while.
Then I was assigned to a scientific expedition in Manchuria.

Sounds as if you had been rather lonesome, Doc.
I can't say I was very lonesome.
It was an active life,
full of interest and excitement.

I suppose you mean women.
It was difficult to find someone to take your place.
Did you try very hard?
Not particularly.
I didn't want to be hurt again.

Always a bit selfish, Doc.
Thinking of your own hurt.

I can't except your reproach,
I was the only one hurt.

You left me without a word.
Purely because I indulged in a woman's trick
to make you jealous.

I wanted to be certain that you loved me.