Shanghai Express

I wish you could tell me there'd been no other men.
I wish I could, Doc.
But five years in China is a long time.

I wish I had 'em back.
What would you have done with them?
There's a scheme of things.

Sooner or later we would've parted anyway,
and we might never had met again.

We wouldn't have parted, Madeline.
We'd have gone back to England,
married and been very happy.

There are a lot of things I wouldn't have done
if I had those five years to live over again.

There's only one thing I wouldn't have done, Doc.
What, for instance.
I wouldn't have bobbed my hair.
Good night, Donald.
From one of your lovers?
I wish I could believe you.
Don't you?
Will you never learn to believe without proof?
I believe you, Madeline.
Shanghai Express - En route
I can't wait until you return to Shanghai.
Call me up when you arrive and wire me
if you want my car to meet you at station.
All my love, Carlisle

When I needed your faith, you withheld it.
And now, when I don't need it and don't deserve it,
you give it to me.