Shanghai Express

Everybody is to get dressed.
You are to be taken from the train at the station.
Please leave all your luggage behind.

This way please.
Quite a reception, eh?
- Me?
- Yes. Follow me upstairs.

Everybody told me there wasn't the slightest danger.
I made a point of asking.

Looks like the finish.
I'll give anybody ten to one
we don't get out of here alive.

You're wrong. They're rebel troops,
but they won't dare to harm us.

Say, where's Mr. Chang?
C'est vrai, il n'est pas là.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised
if he had something to do with all of this.

There must be something pretty serious behind this
or they wouldn't have had the nerve to stop this train.

There is nothing behind it but downright robbery.
They think they are going to hold us for ransom.
They won't get one penny out of me.

Mr. Sam Salt.