Shanghai Express

Captain Harvey, may I see your passport?
Just exactly who are you? I am a British officer
and I demand to know by what right
you are treating us in this outrageous manner?

I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolution.
The prisoner who was removed from the Shanghai Express
last night was my right hand.
An important officer in my army.

Your army! Why, you're nothing
but a collection of unprincipled bandits.
The Chinese government will wipe you out in a fortnight.

Perhaps you would like to aid the government
in collecting the price put on my head.

Suppose you first tell me just exactly what you are after.
I am looking for a hostage
to force the government to return my officer.

Now, will you kindly let me see your passport?
Captain Harvey, why are you going to Shanghai?
I've been ordered to perform an operation
immediately upon my arrival.

Who are you going to operate on?
I'm not at liberty to reveal that information.
What is the matter with his excellency,
the Governor-General of Shanghai?

As you can doubtlessly also can read from the paper
you pilfered from my bag, hemiplegia.

A medical term known to the layman as paralysis
resulting from a blood clot in the brain.

Well, Captain Harvey. It seems I've been fortunate
to find a hostage important enough
to ensure the return of my officer.

Surely you will have no objection
if I wire the British Embassy?

What if my importance is deemed insufficient
to force the Chinese government to make this exchange?

That emergency would be unfortunate for you all.
I can't hold this village over twelve hours.
- Of course, Captain Harvey,
I hope you won't be too angry with me
if I ensure the safety of your honorable person.
- Not at all.