Shanghai Express

What did he say?
I guess we'll just have to cool our heels.
They won't let me go upstairs to find out.

Don't do anything foolish.
When are we leaving?
I whish I knew.
I suppose as soon as Captain Harvey comes down.

If he's up there he may never be come down.
Why are you still holding Captain Harvey?
The train is waiting for him.

Is that your only interest in the matter?
What difference would it make
whether I said yes or no?

Why do you try to conceal
that you're madly in love with him?

I'm not trying to conceal anything.
He means everything in the world to me.

I love him. Since you want to know,
I love him madly.

Your affections are aroused rather swiftly,
you just met the man.

That's not true. I've known him for years.
Well, you'll have a chance to prove your love for him.
You're not going to punish him
for trying to help me last night?

I certainly am. He knew what he was doing
and I know what I'm going to do.

Any man would have come to my defense.
You can't hold that against him.