Shanghai Express

I'm not concerned with your ideas of justice.
I live by my own code.

What do you intend to do with him?
You don't dare harm him.
You promised to return him.

I didn't say in what condition.
If you wait here a few minutes,
you can lead him back to the train, blind.

You're insane, he's a British officer.
The Chinese government will have your head for it.

The Chinese government would have had my head long ago
if it hadn't been such a good head.

You can't mean what you are saying.
You only wish to frighten me.

Please don't torture me like this.
I know it was wrong for him to interfere.

Send someone with me to Shanghai,
someone you can trust.
I'll pay you to let him go now.

What can you pay me with?
I have some jewels, worth forty or fifty thousand.
And I guess I can obtain that much more.

That's not enough.
I'll get more. I'll earn more, somehow.
It'll be enough. Please let him go.

All the money in the world can't wipe out his insult to me.
You only had my interest before,
now you have my admiration.
I could love a woman like you.

You made me an offer to leave with you,
does it still hold good?

I wouldn't trust you from here to the door.
What assurance have I you won't trick me?

I give you my word of honor.
A man is a fool to trust any woman.
But I believe a word of honor
would mean something to you.

Captain Harvey, it seems
that they are waiting for you.