Dinner at Eight

Darling, l've got Lord and Lady Ferncliffe.
They'll come to dinner next Friday.
l just had a radio from them on the boat.
Wasn't that brilliant of me,
getting the Ferncliffes?

Yes, that was very brilliant of you,
if you want the Ferncliffes.

But l do. You remember them, darling.
They entertained us in London.
l remember them well,
and very dull it was, too.

Australian mutton...
and a lot of people
who'd been buried for years...

and got up just to eat that mutton.
You don't realize
how important it is, Oliver.

Everybody will be after them.
l thought you and Ferncliffe
had lots in common.

lsn't he interested in shipping, too?
Mr. Oliver Jordan accepts.
Of course, it's terribly short notice.
Thank you, Gustave.
Let's see. Lord and Lady Ferncliffe...
the Talbots: the Doctor and Lucy.
l saw that your precious Carlotta Vance
arrived on the Europa yesterday.