Dinner at Eight

What do you got on your mind?
You know all about our business.
l don't need to go into that.

Of course, this Depression
isn't going to last forever.

But if it takes a little longer
than we figure...

l want to know
if you and your associates...

would be in a position
to sort of tide us over.

l appreciate that l'd have to turn over
some of my holdings to you.

l'd rather not disturb
the other stockholders.

l don't know anything
about your business, Jordan.

But it looks to me like it's gone to seed.
All l have to do is look around this office.
To tell you the truth,
l don't think you have much to offer.

Now, look here, Packard.
Our ships have traveled the ocean
for a century.

We started from clipper ships.
We're not going to stop.
We're not through.

l'm sorry, Jordan. l didn't mean anything.
You know, l'm a businessman,
and everybody's bothering you.

- l apologize, Jordan.
- That's all right.

Now, l may be wrong.
Tell you what you do.

You get me some figures on this thing:
the assets, the stockholders,
a list of them, and the holdings....

You submit it to me,
l'll give you an answer within 24 hours.

That's very kind of you.
- What's the matter? Got a pain?
- Oh, no.

- lt's a little indigestion.
- lndigestion? Half a lemon.

l get it all the time.
Half a lemon in hot water.

l got to travel, l'm in a hurry.
You send me all the dope.
l'll do whatever l can. So long.

Mr. Jordan, l wouldn't trust that man
as far as l could throw a bull by the tail.

l hope you're wrong.