Dinner at Eight

Anyway, it would be an enormous favor
to me if you did.

Of course, if it will help you, dear.
Hattie, you can't imagine.
Hattie just came in, dear.

Maybe she can help.
But do try to think of an extra man,
won't you, dear?

l will, dear.
Those Packards. Really.
Another dinner party?
Only a small one, darling.
Otherwise, l'd love to have you and Ed,
you understand?

No need to apologize. A cousin is a cousin.
And Ed hates functions.
Ed hates anything that keeps him
from going to the movies every night.

l guess l'm what's called ''a Garbo widow.''
Who is it?
Mrs. who? Jordan?
Mrs. Oliver Jordan. Just a minute.
Who's that on the telephone?
A Mrs. Oliver Jordan
wants to speak to you on the phone.

- Who?
- Mrs. Jordan.

- Mrs. Oliver Jordan?
- Yes.

Holy cat!
Hand me that telephone, you nitwit.

Hello, Mrs. Jordan.
Of course l remember you.
l've seen you at the races.

Mr. Jordan and l are giving a small dinner
for Lord and Lady Ferncliffe...

two very dear friends
of mine from England.

Gee, that sounds swell to me.
lt's awful nice of you to ask us,
Mrs. Jordan. We'll be glad to accept.

Don't you want to know the date?
Sure, honey.