Dinner at Eight

You're young and fresh,
and l'm burned out.

This is the first decent thing
l ever did in my life.

You listen to what l'm telling you.
l won't listen. l love you.
lt's no use, Larry. Nothing you can say
will make any difference.

l'm going to tell Mother and Dad
and Ernest...

- and l'm going to tell them tonight.
- l tell you you're not!

That's Mac, my agent.
- Paula, l want you to promise me.
- No!

For the love of heaven, Paula.
lt's no use, Larry. My mind's made up.
Don't you ever get up?
You know my agent, Mr. Kane?
Miss Jordan.

- Sure. How is the little lady?
- Splendid, thank you. You?

Top of the bottle. Am l butting in?
Not at all. l was just going. Goodbye.
Pearls in your oysters.
Paula, please think of what l've said.
Oh, dear.
- Goodbye, Larry.
- Goodbye.

- Paula.
- l must, Larry.

Now, aren't you ashamed?
For 15 minutes, l walk you
around the block so you....

And then you come right in here....
Momsy's sorry.
She doesn't give a darn
for the old man's carpet.

No, l'm awfully sorry.
How is the great profile today?