Dinner at Eight

No, l can't come over.
These are my office hours, you know that.
There's nothing the matter with you.
l've been busy.
l'll see you tonight at the Jordans'.
Of course you can go.
Of course l do. l think you're very sweet.
No. Of course there's no other woman.
Now, Kitty, you're driving me....
Yes, l think you better
sleep for an hour and rest...

and then take a mild bromide.
My office is full of patients now.
You must excuse me.

No. There's no cause for alarm. Goodbye.
Hello, Lucy.
Hello, Wayne.
How are you, dear?
l'm fine. And you?
l'm all right.
- Anything new?
- No.

Just the same old thing.
l mean, unreasonable women patients.
Yes. She's not really sick.
Women with a lot of time on their hands.
l prescribed a sedative,
but she doesn't really need anything.

How about an apple a day?
What's that?
Don't bother.
Don't bother because l know all about it.
What are you talking about?
Wayne, dear, l'm not going
to make a scene.

You know l never do, do l?
Remember how nicely
l behaved about the others?

Mrs. Whiting and that Dalrimple girl...
and the Ferguson woman, Dolly, and....
Where are your files?
You're quite wrong.
Now, dear, l knew just when it started.
Now she's at the insistent stage.
lt's all just a great bore, isn't it, darling?