King Kong

Say, is this the moving-picture ship?
The Venture? Yeah.
- Are you going on this crazy voyage?
- What's crazy about it?

I don't know. But everybody is talking
about that crazy fella running it.

- Carl Denham?
- Guess that's the name.

He ain't scared of nothing.
If he wants a picture of lion...

...he just goes up to him
and tells him to look pleasant.

He's a tough egg. Why all this talk
about this voyage being crazy?

Everybody around the docks is talking
about the cargo, for one thing.

And I never did see a ship
this size with such a crew.

- Not enough men to handle her?
- Not enough!

Three times more than
the ship needs.

I don't see where they're gonna
have room enough to sleep.

Hey, down there.
What do you want?

- Denham aboard?
- Who are you?

My name is Weston,
the theatrical agent.

Well, why didn't you say so?
Come on aboard.

Denham's getting wild. I hope you've got
some good news for him.

Well, Mr. Denham, you know the reasons
for hurrying as well as I do.

Insurance company found out
we're carrying explosives.

Marshal will be aboard
tomorrow or next day.

If we make a legal case of it,
we'll be tied up for months?

With enough ammunition
to blow up the harbor.

What do you think the marshal will say
to these new gas bombs of yours?

According to you, one of them
is enough to knock out an elephant.

We've got to get where we're going
before the monsoon starts.

- Trust me to see you through a blow.
- Oh, now, don't get sore, skipper.

You can't run into the rainy season when
you're trying to make an outdoor picture.

Months wasted, money gone
and nothing to show.

Still you always
bring back a picture.

And everybody says,
"There's only one Carl Denham."

Weston, I was just going ashore
to call you.

If I'd known that,
I would have waited.

This is the skipper.
Weston, the theatrical agent.

I guess you met Driscoll,
the first mate.

Well, Weston, how about the girl?