King Kong

- It can't be done, Denham.
- What?

It's got to be done.
Now, look here, Weston.

Somebody's interfered
with every girl I try to hire.

Now all the agents in town
have shut down on me. All but you.

- You know I'm square.
- Everybody knows you're square.

But you've got
a reputation for recklessness...

...that can't be glossed over.
Then you're so secretive.

You said it.
Even skipper and mate don't
know where they're going, what.

There you are.
I've got a conscience, Denham.

I can't send a pretty girl
such as you ask on a job like this...

...without telling her what to expect.
- What is she to expect?

To go off on a trip
for no one knows how long...

:08:35 some spot
you don't even hint at...

...the only woman on a ship with
the toughest mugs I ever looked at.

I mean the crew.
Good Lord, you talk as if
I never brought anybody back alive.

The skipper and Driscoll
have stuck to me on two trips.

- They look well enough.
- Sure, we're healthy.

But it's a different thing
taking a girl into danger.

I suppose there's no danger
in New York.

Listen, there are dozens of girls
in this town...

...that are in more danger
than they are with me.

Yeah, but they know
that kind of danger.

You never had a woman
in any of your pictures.

- Why do you want one?
- Holy mackerel!

Do you think I wanna haul
a woman around?

- Then why?
- Because the public, bless them...

...must have a pretty face.
Sure, everybody likes romance.
Isn't there any romance or adventure
without having a flapper in it?

Well, Mr. Denham, why not take
a picture in a monastery?

Makes me sore. I go out,
sweat blood to make a swell picture...

...then the critics
and the exhibitors all say:

"If this picture had love interest,
it would gross twice as much."

The public wants a girl, and this time
I'm gonna give what they want.

- Don't know where you'll get her.
- I've gotta get her, Weston.

We've gotta leave by morning.
- We've gotta be gone by daylight.
- Why?

Well, there's a good reason.
Everything I hear about it
makes me like it less.

I'm glad I didn't get you a girl.
You are, eh? Well, I'll show you.