King Kong

Do you think I'm gonna give up
because you can't find me a girl?

I'm going to make
the greatest picture in the world.

Something that nobody's
ever seen or heard of.

They'll have to think up a lot
of new adjectives when I come back.

- Where you going?
- Going out...

...and get a girl for my picture.
Even if I have to marry one.

- Stand aside, please. Get your case later.
- Can I take my things?

Say, lay off the shoving, will you?
- Oh, I didn't mean to shove you.
- Excuse me.

What do they give you in this joint?
Soup tonight. Coffee and sinkers
in the morning.

I catch you, you stealer.
Now, I get you cop. You like that, huh?

No, no. I didn't. Let me go.
I wanted to, but I didn't.

- Had enough of these stealers.
- Dry up. Kid didn't take any.

- Truly I didn't.
- Three people this week...

- Here... Here's a buck.
- A buck.

Hey, taxi!
Feeling better?
Yes, thank you.
- You're very kind.
- Don't you fool yourself.