King Kong

I'm not bothering
about you just out of kindness.

- How'd you ever get into this fix?
- Bad luck, I guess.

There are a lot of girls like me.
- Not many with your looks.
- I can get by in good clothes all right.

- But when a girl gets too shabby...
- No family?

Supposed to have an uncle someplace.
Did you ever do any acting?
I used to do extra work now
and then over on Long Island.

The studio's closed now.
- What's your name?
- Ann Darrow.

Fine. I've got a job for you.
Costumes on the ship
will fit you.

If the shops are still open,
I can get clothes for you.

- Come on.
- But...

- But what is it?
- It's money and adventure and fame.

It's the thrill of a lifetime.
A long sea voyage...

...that starts at
6:00 tomorrow morning.

No, wait.
I don't understand.
You must tell me.

I do want the job so...
...but I can't.
- Oh, I see.

No, you've got me wrong.
This is strictly business.

- I only wanted...
- Sure. Sure you did.

I got a little excited and I forgot
you didn't understand.

Listen, I'm Carl Denham.
Ever heard of me?

Yes, yes. You make moving pictures
in jungles and places.

That's right. And I pick you
as lead in my next picture.

We sail at 6.
- Where to?
- A long way off.

And listen, Ann, I'm on the level.
No funny business.

- What do I have to do?
- Just trust me and keep your chin up.

Hey, you men on that winch...
...down below on the deck
and help with these hatches.