King Kong

What's the matter?
You going soft.

Oh, you know I'm not.
Not for myself.

- For Ann.
- Oh, you have gone soft on her, eh?

I've got enough troubles without
a love affair to complicate things.

- Better cut it out, Jack.
- Love affair.

- Think I'm gonna fall for any dame?
- I never knew it to fail.

Some big hard-boiled egg gets
a look at a pretty face, bang...

...he cracks up, gets sappy.
- Who's going sappy?

I haven't run out on you?
No. You're a pretty tough guy.
But if beauty gets you, you...
I'm going right
into a theme song here.

- Say, what are you talking about?
- It's the idea of my picture.

The beast was a tough guy too.
He could lick the world, but when
he saw beauty, she got him.

He went soft, he forgot his wisdom
and the little fellas licked him.

Think it over, Jack.
Mr. Denham, skipper
wants you up on the bridge.

- He says we've reached the position.
- Good.

Come on, Jack. You're in on this.
I'm gonna spill it.

There's our noon position.
Two south, 90 east.

Now, you promised some information
when we got here.

- Way west of Sumatra.
- And way out of any waters I know.

I know the East Indies like
I do my own hand...

...but I've never been here.
- Where do we go from here?

- Southwest.
- Southwest?

Well, there is nothing
for thousands of miles.

Keep your shirt on, skipper.
We're not going thousands of miles.

Here's the island we're looking for.
Well, that position.
Let's have the big chart.

You won't find
that island on any chart.

That was made by the skipper
of a Norwegian bark.

- He must have been kidding.
- No, he wasn't.

Listen, a canoe full of natives from
this island was blown to sea.

When the bark picked them,
there was one alive.

He died before they reached port,
not before the skipper...

...had a description of the island
and got an idea of where it lies.

- Where did you get it?
- Singapore, two years ago.

Skipper knew I'd be interested.
- Does he believe it?
- I don't know. But I do.

Here. Here's what
the island looks like.